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Product Description

With Neem oil. Repels parasites


SHAMPOO FOR LONG-HAIRED DOGS is an excellent product to thoroughly clean long-haired dogs: this shampoo is indicated for matted and difficult to untangle coats, a product capable of guaranteeing thorough and long-lasting cleaning over time. It ensures our cute, four-legged friends stay nice and soft.


After treatment with SHAMPOO FOR LONG-HAIRED DOGS the dog’s coat will be soft and clean: it is protected thanks to the Neem oil contained in the product formula. In fact, Neem oil is an age-old active principle used in Ayurvedic medicine: it is a completely non-toxic ingredient, which contributes to effectively repelling parasites and therefore keeping your dog healthy.


SHAMPOO FOR LONG-HAIRED DOGS guarantees thorough cleaning of your dog’s coat: it is suitable for many situations, such as washing your dog at home or washing a puppy. It is excellent in any situation requiring a product that is fast and easy to use. That is, if your dear little friend is willing to collaborate…


SHAMPOO FOR LONG-HAIRED DOGS is part of the AMICO MIO BODY Line by MA-FRA: an innovative line of products designed and manufactured to wash dogs, cats and ferrets that ensures effective, long-lasting and thorough results.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: wet fur with warm water, dilute the shampoo in a small container and, using a sponge, apply the dilution from the tail to the head, rubbing in. Leave the product to work for a few minutes and rinse with plenty of lukewarm water. Proceed with a second treatment and then dry.


WARNINGS: do not apply the product to eyes. In the event of contact with eyes, rinse the eye with plenty of clean water.



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