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With Neem oil. Repels parasites


DRY SHAMPOO FOR CATS AND FERRETS is an ideal product for your cat or ferret’s daily hygiene.


This shampoo was designed and manufactured to delicately cleanse the skin and fur or adults, kittens and kits: indicated for frequent and quick cleansing without water, with no need to rinse.


DRY SHAMPOO FOR CATS AND FERRETS quickly eliminates dirt and, thanks to its delicate formula, reduces dryness that irritates the skin. The product leaves fur pleasantly scented and shiny, reviving the natural softness of the coat. The Neem oil, contained in the formula, is an age-old active principle used in Ayurvedic medicine. It is completely non-toxic and, lastly, contributes to effectively repelling parasites. A distinct advantage for your cat or ferret’s health.


Washing your cat or ferret, with long or short hair, is no longer a problem thanks to DRY SHAMPOO FOR CATS AND FERRETS. Cleaning your cat or ferret will be much easier and faster!


DRY SHAMPOO FOR CATS AND FERRETS is part of the AMICO MIO BODY Line by MA-FRA: an innovative line of products designed and manufactured to wash dogs, cats and ferrets that ensure effective, long-lasting and thorough results.



INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: shake well before use. Evenly apply the foam on the fur. Massage vigorously. Remove dirt with a wipe and then brush the fur.



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