About us


Since as long ago as 1965, MA-FRA has always been on the customers’ side, coming to their aid to easily solve any problems that may arise from day to day, for both ordinary users and for washing and cleaning professionals, in complete respect for the environment.

Thanks to the success in the car care world, MA-FRA has decided to develop, produce and distribute a new trademark, MA-FRA PET LINE, with the certainty guaranteed by a long experience in the cleaning sector.

MA-FRA PET LINE is the new MA-FRA brand dedicated to pet owners Home and Car. A third range, Pet Line Body, also include specific shampoos for dogs, cats and ferrets.

MA-FRA PET LINE was born with the intent of providing pet owners with innovative solutions to solve everyday problems regarding house and car cleaning, anticipating the needs of the market to satisfy even the most demanding audiences.

MA-FRA PET LINE offers three different range, with different goals, but all of them capable of providing real, safe and simple solutions:

  • MA-FRA PET LINE CAR, the new complete line formulated thanks to the 50 years’ experience offered by MA-FRA in the world of cleaning and maintenance, in order to solve the daily problems caused by traveling by car with your four-legged friend. A special line of products dedicated to the transport of dogs in the car: safe for the dog and for car interiors. The products belonging to this line, an industry first developed by the European leader in Car Wash and Car Care, are useful allies to clean car interiors, to remove bad odours and clean the cage the dog used for the transport. These innovative products have no competitors in the market: MA-FRA PET LINE by CAR is in fact the first range of products that face these issues in detail.
  • MA-FRA PET LINE HOME, a complete range of products for gently cleaning the house (floors, sofas etc.), removing the bad smells produced by our four-legged friends and leaving a nice scent in all areas shared with our four-legged friends.
  • MA-FRA PET LINE BODY, products for the well-being and cleanliness of dogs, cats and ferrets. MA-FRA PET LINE BODY is innovative and delicate, designed to provide a deep cleaning of the pets, granting high softness and cleanliness to the hair of the animal: shampoos suitable for all kinds of dogs (long-haired, short-haired or white haired) plus a dry shampoo and a shampoo for cats and ferrets. A range of products tested to be gentle on the skin of your four-legged friend, as guaranteed by the School of Biosciences and Veterinary Medicine of the University of Camerino.

For further information about MA-FRA click here: www.mafra.com